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Curating "Earth Day", IDC Herzliya

עודכן: 1 ביוני 2019

April 22, 2018 Youtovia Studio produced one of the largest outdoor art exhibitions ever seen at the IDC Herzliya College. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to raise awareness for the sustainability of the plant, promoting and supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the UN defined to reach by 2030.

The Brief
Head of the Sustainability Faculty of the IDC Student Union contacted us to help gather artists to present at the International Earth Day event happening on campus that day.

We met with Lee Roth on campus several times, asked many questions about what her goals were, what she dreams to see happening, if there were any limitations at the event, what other activities were going to be there exc. and of course we took many photos of the space, as each project is site specific.

The Process
A Call for Artists was sent out via social media and special invitations to selected artists, more than 30 applied from all over the country, only 15 artists were chosen to present.

The first action we initiated was a to write up a clear and thorough Call for Artists, to understand the direction of the exhibition, the mission, the criteria and limitations and some inspirational references. The document needed to be approved by IDC public relations department before distributing it to the public. We created a word document and a digital format for ease of use.

Based on the event space, the production costs and the most relation to the subject and theme of the exhibition, IDC respected judges and Youtovia Studio decided on 15 talented artists to showcase their artistic expressions of the 17 sustainable goals defined by the UN.

The Outcome - International Earth Day Art Exhibition

The weather man predicted a storm on April, 22nd, but the universe an unexpected us with a sunny warm day. Based on our floor plan and production limitations, the artists came early in the morning to setup their pieces, some even arrived the night before.

The outcome was amazing, we had paintings, installations and sustainable interactive art to engage the audience. More than 2,000 students, faculty, professors and teachers visited the exhibition that day, we raised questions, ignited discussions, moved and engaged people, through the art presented. Social impact is done one step at a time, and we all must to our part to move it along.

For more pictures and explanations about each artist visit our Facebook album here

"Studio Youtovia successfully curated from idea to production one of the biggest art exhibition the campus has ever seen, thanks to Youtovia we managed to raise awareness for the social and ecological sustainable goals and impact students perceptions and hopefully habits moving forward"

- Lee Roth, Student Union, IDC Herzliya

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