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Inspiring Daily Messages

עודכן: 3 במאי 2021

An experiment which turned into the most satisfying and engaging initiative

Summer of 2018 I had an inner urge to share all the inspiring and uplifting content I consume daily through books I read, videos and social media feeds. So I installed a compact chalk board that fit the size of my front gate and since then I have been writing a quote or message every day for neighbors and passersby to read and enjoy.

Neighbors I have never met before, introduce themselves and really thank me for sharing the daily messages, some even tell me how they are affected by them, how they wait to see what's written today, how they think and ponder on the message as they continue their day.

It makes so happy to receive such feedback, to me it proves that we lack uplifting, thought provoking, positive messages in our public spaces, instead of being overwhelmed with advertisements and commercial signage, we need and want more love, inspiration and meaning in our environment!

Facebook feedback

Last September, when I participated at the Walk, Bike and Places conference in New Orleans, I met Royliene Johnson, a New Orleans local resident came to learn more about Placemaking and community engagement like me. We connected and as I shared with her my local Daily Message project, she was told me about a house she passes by in her neighborhood that places positive messages outside for others to enjoy too! Amazing we thought, what a cosmic coincidence to find each other and get to talk about the affects of encouraging, healing, motivating words placed in the public space! Thank you Royliene for meeting you and for the great pictures!

PEACE and LOVE to you.

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