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Hipster Tshuva Art Print

Hipster Tshuva Art Print

Fresh abstract painting, Jewish contemporary artwork  - TSHUVA בעלי תשובה

A high quality print of an abstract one of a kind fresh Jewish Hipster style painting. With a quote from the Jewish Talmud written in Hebrew letters: 
מקום שבעלי תשובה עומדין צדיקים גמורים אינם עומדין

translation: where newly religious men stand, experienced religious men cannot stand. This statement shows how the inner work of a newly found religious man or woman is so profound and significant even more so than an experienced Tsadik/righteous man.


Instant download print ready 1 jpg files (300 dpi) + 1 high quality PDF file

A4 Size is 8*11 inches, 29.7*21 cm
Please let me know if you need a different size.
Original artwork - Acrylic on paper - Available for sale 


Designed by YOUTOVIA Ayelet S. 
Free for personal purpose only. No Commercial Use.
©All right reserved.

    120.00 ₪מחיר
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