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No Doubt Jewish Art Print Download -יצירה להורדה

No Doubt Jewish Art Print Download -יצירה להורדה

Fresh abstract painting, Jewish contemporary artwork  - Hassidic men dancing with joy! 

A high quality downloadable print ready file of a fresh painting with Jewish Religious Hassidic men dancing from joy! With a Jewish quote written in Hebrew letters: אין שמחה כהתרת הספקות
Translation: there is no joy as the joy coming from the release of doubts. This sentence emphasizes the happiness that stems from the doubtless belief in one GOD, Hashem. 


Instant download print ready high quality PDF file

A4 Size is 8*11 inches, 29.7*21 cm
Please let me know if you need a different size.
Original artwork - Acrylic on paper - Available for sale 


Designed by YOUTOVIA Ayelet S. 
Free for personal purpose only. No Commercial Use.
©All right reserved.

    80.00 ₪מחיר
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