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Change is Upon Ashdod Aleph Neighborhood

We had the privilege of working with Ashdod Art Center on a Placemaking initiative,

it's mission was to inspire local residents, get them interested and involved in the creation of their public space, improve the communication avenues between locals and officials, and mostly offer a platform for people to be heard.

We began of course with many site visits and observations, speaking to local businesses, stopping people passing by, asking questions of what is missing, what are their thoughts of their space, how they feel and whether they can help in any way. We met a lot of amazing people, ready and willing to give a hand to spark change in the neighborhood.

To allow for a broader range of ages, we worked with two different Community Centers in the district, Achva working with elderly and Uziel offering local kids the opportunity to share their light and creativity!

Together with the community we revived the public areas that were nostalgic and important to the people.

We believe that creativity inspires progress, progress for the self, as we learn new skills, open our minds and imagination, and progress together as a group, working together as a team, with positive and communication, in real not virtual life... These glass balls were created by the elderly generation during our art sessions together. Together with glass wishes we handed out, and some glowing balls, the 'old' fountain in the area received attention again after 30 years of disappearing from eye view.

We installed a chalk board in the outdoors to allow the community to play, draw, express themselves, suggest ideas and simply 'be' in the place, rather than just pass by, as 'place-making' brings people together, revives spaces and highlights spots previously overlooked.

And the addition of lighting at the event was mesmerizing, imagine the empowering feeling the children experienced when seeing their own creations light up the space that evening!

With a limited budget we managed to create some inspiring elements to add to the event organized for the community. It was a fun event, residents came to enjoy the good vibes and love in the air, big thanks to @creative_ashdod for pushing creativity and artists to the front lines of the Ashdod scene, leading a creative cultural change in the city, it was simply great working together!

Take a look and the heart-felt recommendation we received here.

Following our creative intervention in the neighborhood, it sparked a desire for more, opening the the door for more artistic expressions in the public space of Aleph district later that year. We love what we do!

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