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Will Eurovision 2019 be sustainable?

About three months ago, Youtovia Studio was invited by Tel- Aviv Municipality to participate in a three day workshop to help generate solutions and ideas for a more sustainable Eurovision 2019 event and beyond; C40 Tel-Aviv Solutions Platform Workshop for Eurovision 2019 and Beyond. It was a great privilege to be among professionals coming together for a good cause, we met delegates from Leket Israel, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, The Natural Step, Good Energy Initiative, TLV University exc.

The workshop was very well planned by C40 and CLEAN event organizers. We started by visiting all the Eurovision event venues, including the Expo Tel Aviv (also called Tel Aviv Convention Center), The Eurovision Village in Tel Aviv's Charles Clore Park and The Tent city planned at the Yarkon Park. The following day we received a full brief and scope of the current sustainable solutions in the city, including informative presentations on the city's stats, concerns and vision for the Eurovision event and beyond.

The following two days were dedicated to ideation sessions and creative processes, we developed ideas around questions like:

1. How can we design each Eurovision site such that we encourage visitors to utilize zero waste solutions?

2. How can we increase awareness around the sustainability of Eurovision such that visitors are inspired to adopt these practices in the future?

3. How do we make these solutions accessible to all throughout and beyond Eurovision?

4. How do we separate waste at source so that we can create a low carbon event?

We split up to several groups and drilled down elaborating on ideas meeting TLV vision and goals. Each idea needed to be clearly defined in terms of

1- Goal, which goal does it serve

2- Technical - are there any specific technical requirements needed for it to be implemented

3- Environmental - what are the environmental impacts does it include

4- Knowledge - what information or know-how needs to be obtained in order for the idea to be successfully implemented

5- Obstacles - what are the weaknesses and threats that may impede on the success

6- Stakeholders - who are influenced by this and who can we collaborate with

7- Finances - what are the bottom line costs?

By the end of the ideation process we were to pitch three ideas to a panel of respected representatives from the TLV municipality and organizing committee.

Studio Youtovia worked on the pitch presentation and in collaboration with our team members we presented an Interactive Design Approach for engaging residents and tourists with fun and accessible, physical or digital gamification products or installations, to help raise awareness and action toward the REUSE / RECYCLE/ REDUCE/ REPAIR opportunities in the city.

It was a great privilege to take part in the the early stages of the decision process, I believe we added value to the table and that we were of service to the Municipality as to ensure more innovative and impactful solutions for a sustainable Eurovision event and urban city lifestyle going forward. Thank you to Tel - Aviv Municpality for the opportunity, CLEAN and C40 event organizers and to all the public and private sector companies who took the time out of their busy work schedules to make it happen. We look forward to many more brainstorm workshops and collaborations to help make this world a better place.

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