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What are we about?

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through design, art and creative experiences in the public space. 


We incorporate positive psychology, motivation, mindfulness and self development approaches into our concepts and activities.

What WE CAN do for you?

  • Creative Direction 

  • Concept & Content Development 

  • Ideation Meetings

  • Project Management 

  • Product Development 

  • Production 

  • Urban UX Consulting 

  • Placemaking Seminars  

  • Engagement Consulting  

  • Interactive Design

  • Sustainable Art      


"I now smile every morning when I walk into the community center, the place looks happier and makes me feel good!" 

Rinat Cohen, Community Manager

Wow, we've never seen anything like it before! thank you Youtovia

Orit Marmari , Welfare Director Herzliya

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